Late Night Hot Chocolate


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I use to have hot chocolate on it’s own, yano, just chocolate powder, sugar and milk (hot water obviously), but now I have marshmellows on top and then squirty cream on top of that and then the chocolate dust stuff that you get in cappuccino boxes 😀  My mummy has cappuccinos all the time, I do sometimes as well 😀

In the picture… i kind of drank the cream and most of the marshmellows intending to take a picture first but got distracted by it… 🙂

Oh by the way I also have like four tea spoon sugars 😀

Everyone is always shocked by this…. sometimes I just pour it in there. 😛


1st Posts are Scary! :)


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I’m alone in my room… well, my younger sister is on the top bunk sleeping as well. But I count this as me alone because it’s my room.  A place that is mine in the house I live in. Aha.

This is going to be the beginning of my story 🙂

I am going to upload here what I feel is necessary. This including…

Information gained


Dolls (Ball jointed dolls, BJD’s)

Photos of interesting stuff…

Food … 😀 😀 … maybe

Friends and Family 🙂

I think this will all help me in my future, to look back on what my surroundings were like and what I did with my time.

I will try. I will achieve. … I WILL CONQUER!!!  😀 ha ha, jokes man, jokes. 🙂