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Hey Again!
Soooo lately, I have been getting excited about BIGBANGS tour to London!!! Primarily because I AM GOING! πŸ˜€
I am going with my best friend Alice, I got her in to BIGBANG and I told her about the concert and she got just as excited about it as I did!! ^^
So I’m thinking of vlogging it but im not sure were to upload the videos … I wander if subscribers will unsubscribe because of them… <.<

So even though I have no money left for Christmas or the concert itself i am going to have an amazing time hopefully! We get free accomodation because Alice's grandma lives in London ! ^^ I can't wait to get the train!!
I can't wait to pack my suitcase in about 7 days probably ! πŸ˜€ only 9 days left till concert!!!

Also it will be my first concert.