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<— Blackpool! 🙂
 Okay… 🙂
 So today I went on a college trip to Blackpool for our new art brief. Easter holidays are over and our first day back was a trip…
I was so tired by time I got home, my legs felt like jelly. But I had decided to walk to the bus station in the morning and walk home from college at the end of the day :O  Coz I’m healthy 🙂

SO! This is a pciture of me and my friend Alice. I asked her to wave and it looked like she had a stumpy arm >.<  We giggled a little. And started waving our hands in the air.



And this is a picture of my feet in the sand 🙂 And the boot on the right was my friend Alice’s bootsis!

Anywaaay. I don’t think I’d want to live in Blackpool. Too noisy. Except when you walk down the streets away from the beach, it becomes quite quiet. 😀 Some of the people creeped me out a bit as well, like the people on the stalls or shops who stare at you as you walk past or the guys on the pier who work with the rides and stalls. They definitly look scary… 😦


😀 😀  Now I’m going to watch a korean drama… ‘Mary stayed out all night‘ episode 4!

Love the song at the beginning of this drama 🙂

Bye byeeee.