Mickey and friends in human form are more charming than we had imagined! 【Pics】


Disney and their ever-expanding lineup of charismatic characters continue to capture the hearts of children and adults alike. The biggest hit of the year is Frozen with its double princess lineup, but even though Elsa and Anna are tremendously popular, when we think of Disney, the first image that comes to mind is still that of a certain talking mouse and his chirpy giggle.

That’s right, Mickey Mouse! And his gang of talking animal friends, of course. Although Mickey and friends wear clothes and talk and sing and dance, they are still not quite as human as they sometimes seem. Have you ever imagined what Mickey and Donald would look like as humans? Personally, I haven’t; not until now. Check out these fabulous “humanized” Disney characters drawn by Japanese illustrator Chaico!

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Hi Again!

So I made it to the concert!! I had an amazing time!

Me and my friend Alice left on thrusday after college, because we stopped at her

uncle and aunties house. We arrived and we ate and then drew on our t-shirts

for the concert! it took us hours. We went to bed at like 2am…

The concert was so amazing! It was my first concert! So you can imagine how excited I was. The boys were amazing! I screamed so much I’m surprised I didn’t loose my voice… I wanted to stand up all the time but people were seated quite a bit at first… I was like bouncing on my seat!

There were some people who were being too negative around us… I felt like telling them to leave because whats the point in coming to BIGBANG’s first concert in the UK and being negative about things…

There english was super cute. Seungri put on an english accent >.< So funny.

Everyone now and then they would mess up and laugh because they realised. it was cute.

Taeyang got a nose bleed after first song 😦 But he carried on like a trooper! I also heard GD was ill 😦

I didn’t want it to end, even though at the end of the night I was tired and screaming and lifting my hand constantly was getting tiring, I still wanted them to stay and support them! I hope they come back soon!

Some of the best moments to me were singing Haru Haru for them >.< one of my favourite songs! I LOVED it. Also when Daesung sung Wings… his smile just makes everything so much mroe exciting! I love the song as well… I was a bit sad he had no wings but I’m sure it’s not their fault… It was still amazing!

I got so crazy throughout the whole thing, the girl sitting next to me seemed nice and we stood up basically at the same time and everything. Whereas next to Alice the people hardly stood up and didn’t seem to be excited… which is a shame. I got the good side :L

At the end I shouted Encore but I noticed people were shouting different things. it was only until I watched back over the videos I noticed people were shouting “BIGBANG” :L

I spent like almost all of my money on merchandise…. I got carried away. i only had £40 left for the rest fo the trip and spent £35 on things. I bought the £20 top, the keyrings and the sticker set! I wanted a light stick but they were expensive!

Did anyone else notice it said “BTG BANG” on the back of this t-shirt…

I can’t tell wether it was a mistake or they wanted it to be like that.. :L


I’m going to make a scrap book of the whole event and put my stickers in it! Alice got the badge set.


These are our pictures of the t-shirts we drew.

IMG_1085 IMG_1087

Cafe we went to was really cute!


Shop we went to in Portobello I think 🙂 ONE OF A KIND! (by GD)

IMG_1089 IMG_1090

Before we leave. I boughts a hat! 🙂

IMG_1097 IMG_1099

Concert part 😀 Excited. Waiting! It was exciting because everyone kept singing along to the songs on the screen!


Ninja guy climbing!


Concert finnished! D: We were sad…

  IMG_1130 IMG_1131

Before we left! We went for a walk and found a reaaally cute tree, it warmed my heart because people trust others not to steal the chalk and vandalise 🙂 I wrote “Be True To Yourself” and Alice wrote “Be Happy” 🙂 I LOVE THIS TREE!

IMG_1132 IMG_1133 IMG_1134 IMG_1135

Alice and Shelby!

IMG_1137 IMG_1138 IMG_1139

This is the pub we went in to before we left. It was really nice I want to go there again..

IMG_1143 IMG_1144

Satoshi Kitamura’s work was all over the hosue we stayed in… I really like his pictures.. They know him so on the pictures it would say .. “To Toby From Satoshi”

Or something like that..

IMG_1146 The path we went along..


NANDO’s! I have never been before but everyone talks about it and I wanted to go!

IMG_1149 IMG_1150

The place we went to when we arrived and before we left at Euston station 🙂


On the train back!


So thats all for pictures!

I have made videos! I will link them! 😀  they arent fully complete yet!

The actual concert is coming soon!


Part 2 being uploaded now. Taking forever!

The worst part of the trip was using the tube as I swear it took more money from us than was needed. We didn’t know how to use it properly so I think we messed up by going back and forth and so it charged us….

There were some creeps… but not as many as was expected..

One guy who looks nice and smart passed us in the station and was like “Hey ladies” 😉

Haha! Then when we got back from the conert at like 12ish a guy walked up behind us like “Hey ladies were you going?”

As he said that we approached the house and was like ” Erm here .. :L”

he said : Can I come?

We said : Erm no.

He said : Will you contact me?

Us : No . :L

Was funny but really scary!

I don’t know if I could cope in London >.<

Any questions please feel free to ask!


BIGBANG Tour (^_^)


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Hey Again!
Soooo lately, I have been getting excited about BIGBANGS tour to London!!! Primarily because I AM GOING! 😀
I am going with my best friend Alice, I got her in to BIGBANG and I told her about the concert and she got just as excited about it as I did!! ^^
So I’m thinking of vlogging it but im not sure were to upload the videos … I wander if subscribers will unsubscribe because of them… <.<

So even though I have no money left for Christmas or the concert itself i am going to have an amazing time hopefully! We get free accomodation because Alice's grandma lives in London ! ^^ I can't wait to get the train!!
I can't wait to pack my suitcase in about 7 days probably ! 😀 only 9 days left till concert!!!

Also it will be my first concert.

Get your Cray-on! <3 + New Dances. ^^


I havn’t updated in a while. I wrote a large post a bit ago but something went wrong with publishing it and deleted the entire thing! I was sad…

So I have the time to make one today!! 🙂

This one is mainly about GD (G Dragon) from BIGBANG! ^_^

I love BigBang! My favourite was always TOP but Iv grown a huge liking to GD now! >.<

I love him solo, I love One Of A Kind and Crayon! Crayon has got in to my head lately and I keep murmering “Get your Crayon” in college and my friend is like “Wtf you on about woman!”  xD

I LOVE the video, I like it the most about the whole song. It’s really fun and cute.

I do really like Kpop, but I dance better to Jpop :/ I also like Jpop obviously! 😀

I know more Kpop songs though 🙂  So it’s kind of odd…

GD – Crayon






I have uploaded 2 new dances since my last post!

They are ….    Heart Catch

Hare Hare Yukai

Please comment/rate/ subscribe if you wish THANK YOU!

Lately Iv also been thinking a lot about were I want to go after college…. Rather to Japan/Korea/America or to stay here and study something…

And now I want to move in with friends… but money takes a large part in it, and I don’t have the money. I guess I would get money if I moved out, but it will still eb difficult :/

I NEED TO THINK LOTS ABOUT THIS!! 😀 So I can make a good decision.!


Thanks for reading 🙂

Bai Baiii!!!! ❤

First BJD Stuff EVER!


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:O :O :O :O


I was all like ‘oh it must be my decals for m… AHHHH!’    It might not be my doll but it’s something that my doll will be wearing and seeing as I have never seen the size of BJD stuff, I was pretty excited… 🙂

This is the first thing i saw and I couldn’t contain myself…. it looked so big.. 😀 I stared at it for a second and then pulled them out .. 😀

This is a poor picture of the hat and jacket :3 :3 :3  so frickin cute….I was overly pleased with the jacket haha, and i was excited about the size, so i compared to my obitsus. They seem bigger in real life. 🙂

The hat is quite big. I’m kind of scared it’s not gonna fit her because i noticed Elfdolls Rainy girls’ head’s are are a bit smaller than normal sized SD and a bit bigger than MSDs. This

makes things hard -_-

I was looking for ages to find something to put the jacket and hat on, well since the hat is a bit of a weird size for my other doll like things, I could only find something for the jacket 🙂 The jacket kind of engulfed him but all the same he still looks cuuuuute. And I’m OBSESSED with the hood it is waay to cute :3

I can’t wait to try them on my doll :3

And that’s it!

Oh and i bought these of Annalies on denofangels 🙂


Blackpool Trip with College!


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<— Blackpool! 🙂
 Okay… 🙂
 So today I went on a college trip to Blackpool for our new art brief. Easter holidays are over and our first day back was a trip…
I was so tired by time I got home, my legs felt like jelly. But I had decided to walk to the bus station in the morning and walk home from college at the end of the day :O  Coz I’m healthy 🙂

SO! This is a pciture of me and my friend Alice. I asked her to wave and it looked like she had a stumpy arm >.<  We giggled a little. And started waving our hands in the air.



And this is a picture of my feet in the sand 🙂 And the boot on the right was my friend Alice’s bootsis!

Anywaaay. I don’t think I’d want to live in Blackpool. Too noisy. Except when you walk down the streets away from the beach, it becomes quite quiet. 😀 Some of the people creeped me out a bit as well, like the people on the stalls or shops who stare at you as you walk past or the guys on the pier who work with the rides and stalls. They definitly look scary… 😦


😀 😀  Now I’m going to watch a korean drama… ‘Mary stayed out all night‘ episode 4!

Love the song at the beginning of this drama 🙂

Bye byeeee.

Dances I Know :)


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Yuki Kimura – LOVE & JOY
Nagato Yuki – Greed’s Accident
Hinoi Team – Night of Fire
Lily – Lily Lily Burning Night
Happy Synthesizer
Sistar – Tic Toc
Orange Caramel – A~ing
Harenchi Punch – Neko Nyan
Suzumiya Haruhi – Bouken Deshou? Deshou?
Danceroid – First Kiss
Melancholic (Don’t know the artist?) Please tell me if you know!
Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
Miss A – Breathe
はるぴす(Harupisu)?? – Uni
Nana Mizuki – Discotheque
Renai Circulation
A Pink – Hush
Junjou Fighter
Remote Control
Try To Be A Girl
Sistar 19 – Ma Boy
Megu Megu Fire Endless Night
BOLD = Video’d and Completed